6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Professional Video Company

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional to do your next video, finding the right production company can be a little trickier than you might think. Before you rush into hiring the first company that pops up on google, it’s important to make sure that you learn as much about your potential production company as possible and also that they understand the goals of your project.

Putting together an outline of the goals of your video along with a list of wants/needs, and a budget can help clarify your project. Understanding what you are looking for and asking the right questions can help ensure that the company you choose recognizes your needs, your style and your budget.

Here are 6 important questions to ask:

  1. How long have they been in business and what type of videos have they produced in the past?

Asking about their experience- how long they have been doing it and what kind of videos they produce most often and have done in the past can give you some good insight. Taking a look at their previous projects can help you to determine if their style, quality, and professionalism matches up with what you are looking for.

  1. What is included in the production costs?

Choosing a video company that’s in line with your budget is a major deciding factor. The costs of production should be clear and upfront. Make sure to ask if lighting and sound and talent (if needed) is included in the costs of production? A quality company should understand your goals, factor in equipment and location, editing time, shooting hours, and provide a range of options to fit your budget.

  1. How much time will be needed from you?

It’s important to know how much involvement is expected of you? Are you responsible for writing the script? Providing illustrations and graphics? Will you be included in the shooting of the video? How about the editing? Knowing your time commitment upfront will help avoid bumps in the road and keep things running smoothly.

  1. What’s the estimated timeline to complete your video?

Knowing how long it will take to bring your video from pre-production to final completion is key to avoiding frustrations and keeping your project on track. For example, a simple product demonstration may take 3-4 weeks, while a training video or intensive marketing campaign could take 6-8 weeks or longer to produce.

  1. Who owns the final video files?

You should expect to have full ownership of your video once the final payment is made. Many companies retain the right to use parts of your video for promotion of their services. In other words, use your footage as a work sample in their portfolio.

  1. Are there additional changes to my video if changes are made after its been completed?

It’s not uncommon to have to make a couple changes after your video has been completed. Tweaks and updates may be needed. Fixing typos, updating a logo, adding a phone number may be necessary. Be sure to ask what the charges will be to make additional changes or to update your video in the future.

Doing your due diligence can make a world of difference in the outcome of your project. Asking the right questions upfront will help you to make an informed decision on hiring the best production company for your video.

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