Should you Hire a Professional Video Company ?

These days most businesses are using videos in their marketing in one form or another. Whether posting a “how to” video on social media or a training video on your website, videos are an important part of marketing. And with today’s technology… just about anyone with a smart phone or digital camera can produce a video-right? Well maybe, but when it comes to creating videos for your company, does it make sense to do it in-house or should you hire a professional video company?

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, sometimes it might be acceptable to make a “DIY” video. For instance, for social media posts, a quick “behind the scenes” video that you can throw up on Facebook or Linkedin that doesn’t look overly produced, may be all that’s needed. But when it comes to putting a video on your website that brands your business or generates awareness or sales, hiring a professional is best. (Even if you own a camera and you think that you can do the job in house.)

Should you Hire a Professional Video Company ?

Professional” is the keyword– Hiring a professional means that you are getting years of experience, not only in the technical aspects of filming and editing your videos, but also in the creativity and vision. The experience and education that a professional team brings to the project will help you create a high quality video that delivers the right message.

Time Is Money– when your budget is tight it may be tempting to take on your video project in house. While DIY might appear to be cost saving- assigning a sales person or marketing manager to your project could end up being more expensive in the long run. The time spent on research, writing scripts, shooting the video and editing can be a labor intensive process.

Lights, Camera, Action –Having the right equipment and knowing how to set it up and use it is critical to a quality production. Lighting, shooting, audio, graphics and editing all require the right equipment and the expertise on how to use it.

Good Eyes – The knowledge and experience that a professional brings to your presentation in front of the camera can be priceless. Suggestions on what to wear, make up, voice or the best way to present your products and services can all be very beneficial to your video project.

To sum it up… connecting with your audience is the most important factor when making a video. Partnering with a professional can help you reach your goals of producing a great video in a cost and time efficient manner, without taking away key employees from what they do best.

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